What happens to a person when all they've earned and worked for evaporates in the blink of an eye?  When the losses keep stacking up and the good times appear further and further in the rear view, do you give up hope and call it quits or trudge on, determined to rise again better than before?

On his forthcoming album U Can't Run Away, CityC explores these and other deep emotions using a unique blend of processed and live instruments, laced with smooth yet powerful vocals that reach into your chest and squeeze.  Says CityC, “Sometimes it takes truly bottoming out to find out who you really are, who you want to be, and who you were meant to be.”

"Like a large percentage of folks, I experienced the world's economic collapse of 2008 the same way they did; long-term unemployment, financial ruin, relationship meltdowns, shock and fear which gave way to frustration, anger and hurt.  Eventually, the light at the end of the tunnel became so dim in my mind, I really began to believe all hope was gone.  The only thing that saved me was my piano, and the cathartic nature of letting it all out in song," recalls City.

According to City, "I was inspired by a lot by artists like Ben Folds, Fuel and Linkin Park

lyrically, and I remember one night just playing my piano and thinking to myself how honest their songs are.  How deep and not afraid of difficult emotions they are.  It kind of served as a turning point for me both musically and personally, knowing that the true power of music lies in the emotions a song can induce in a listener."

"It was with this newly-found outlook that I wrote The Journey, Nothin' Left Ta Lose and U Can't Run Away, the three songs that really are the foundation for everything I'm about and anchor the album stylistically and thematically." recalls City. "As I wrote, I felt healing, for lack of a better term.  Putting my experiences out there in those records not only brought hope to me but to those who would hear my message.  It was the music which revived my life, brought hope back, and solidified who I am as an artist and person. This is the true power, nature and importance of music in our lives."

CityC is an award-winning recording artist and performer whose work has been featured on radio stations worldwide, nationally-syndicated mix shows, Shade 45 on Sirius/XM, Coast to Coast Mixtapes and more.  He has worked with numerous industry professionals whose credits include Young Jeezy, Ludacris, Justin Bieber, 50 Cent, Garbage, Santana and others.

Perhaps his greatest gift is his songwriting. Whether powerful songs like his uplifting hit The Journey, heart-grabbing songs like Nothin' Left Ta Lose, or club anthems such as We Ain’t Goin’ Home, CityC has used this breadth of talent to become one of the most sought after musicians in the midwest.

As a trumpet player in high school and college, City had the opportunity to learn and play with other young talented musicians such as Dango of Amber Pacific. As an adult, City received extensive instruction in music theory, trumpet and piano from members of the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra and formally while earning his Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Following his formal education, City focused his musical interest into the acoustic guitar and later the piano and in late 2009, he began his journey into recorded music where spent a short time as a Hip-Hop and R&B composer, before fully transitioning to modern music production. Chance encounter upon chance encounter led City back to the instrument he’s known best since the very beginning; his voice.

"I think people can tell I'm inspired by a lot of great artists and even specific albums or records, but for me it was bands like Madison-based Garbage, Linkin Park and RED that really got my mind wrapped around composing with distorted electric guitar riffs, strings, pads and pulsing, danceable drum sequences.  Vocally and lyrically, I take inspiration from everywhere; from friends, my life, or my earliest influences like the Beatles or Michael Jackson, but really I like to keep the door of my mind open to new ideas. As such, I listen to a lot of different music and draw inspiration or ideas from all of them and use some of those sounds to help evolve my sound over time.  I think the great artists never stop learning from their peers, pushing themselves and making themselves better.  That's my approach."

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